torres confirmes he will be leaving Madrid at the end of the season

Fernando Torres confirmed on Monday that this season will be his last at Atletico Madrid. The former Liverpool players was speaking at a promotional event for ‘LG’ when he revealed the doubts over his future at the club.

“I came here when I was ten, I always thought that Atletico would be my home. I am enjoying Atleti in the way I always dreamed of,” Torres began.

But finally, he declared that he would not be continuing with his boyhood club: “This will me my last season with the club.”

It was Torres himself who wanted to pass the message to the fans. “It’s not been an easy decision, but I feel it is my duty to be the one who tells the fans,” he said.

“I can only ask that they stay with me. When the season finishes, that’s the end,” he stated clearly.

But it is a goodbye that will cause hurt on both sides: “It’s very difficult to say goodbye for a second time, my aim was to retire at Atleti,” he lamented.

Torres also spoke about his relationship with Diego Simeone. “It’s not good or bad, it’s normal. Professional. I have always spoken to him, there are no problems with the manager or anybody at the club. It’s my decision.

“It looks good, there are options to play, but I think I have to look further afield. The club promised me that I can be here as long as I want, but I think now is the time [to go].

“I never gave up. Simeone’s decisions have nothing to do with this decision.

“If he didn’t want me for next season, I would have liked to have known, but I don’t have a bad word for the club.

And what about a managerial future? “I would like to have to oportunity to come back to the club, but in a position where I can contribute, be that in a sporting capacity or upstairs.

“I have a clear conscience. I have given everything,” Torres concluded. “There were good moments and bad, but now is not the time to talk about that.”

And he left with a message for the fans: “The love that you showed me… I will take that everywhere with me. I forget the bad. I am lucky that I am where I have always loved, that is what is important.

“This year I have played, I have scored goals.. But this did not get me more time on the pitch. While I am still in form, I have to find somewhere where I can play,” he said as he signed off.

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