30 mins rain wreck havoc to road under construction in Saki

It is so sad that government of the day don’t take her citizens welfare with any importance, the road under construction at saki passing the front of The Oke Ogun polytechnic, Saki has been a threat to lives due to high level of dust anytime cars or heavy lorry passes by.

The project has been ongoing for 2 months now and nothing significant has been done on it, there use to be accidents of motorist when there is strong wind of rain,p the student at the area plying the route everyday are falling sick with high number of student have cough and catarh but still the governor make no haste to finish the road, it rained for just 15mins yesterday March 23 and the road has turned to something else meaning the quantity of materials been used is so poor and the workers lack good skills, if 15 mins rain can cause much damage to the road then I wonder if the road will serve the residents for 5 years, the government of the day show non-chalant attitude towards we the citizens and It’s been this way for a very long time, they are so engrossed into the politics game that they forgot those who voted them in, most of them have no human feelings, some talk anyhow, especially governor of Oyo state in person of Sen Abiola Ajimobi, it’s a shame on him, with all that been said, here are pictures of the road, kindly share this and drop your opinion via the comment box.

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