Dirty environment responsible for Lassa fever.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), has revealed that dirty environment was the reason behind the sudden re-emergence of the deadly Lassa fever, which had claimed 16 lives of a total of 61 confirmed cases in some parts of the country.

Chief Executive Officer of the NCDC, Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu, who made this known in Abuja at the weekend during an interactive session with selected journalists, expressed worries over the high level of uncleanliness practiced by Nigerians.

According to him, dirty kitchens littered with food stuffs, the pile of refuse dumps and dirty drainage systems in the country including the nation’s capital, Abuja, were breeding grounds for rodents, who infect humans directly and indirectly with the infectious disease.

“We have always said keep your food covered from rats and all that and it is still true but also we need to think why are rats still coming into our neighbourhoods? For me, it is very important. If you go round our cities, even Abuja, there are heaps of refuse everywhere.

“Some of it is down to government but some of it too is us. If we see refuse in front of our houses and gutters are full on our streets, we can mobilize ourselves and clear it.”

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