Photo Of The Day Paul Okoye is geared up with so much swag!

He is the twin with the dreadlocks, he needs no introduction, Paul Okoye of Psquare is lighting up our photo of the day.

On our photo of the day, Paul Okoye looks all geared up in military style but a bit relaxed. We all know how very good looking Paul Okoye is even when he isn’t trying so much, his cute looks always has a way of giving him out.

We can’t take it away from Paul Okoye when it comes to his dress style and physique. The music star is seen as one of the most fashionable and iconic stars. Paul who is a member of the group, Psquare have in the last decade and counting made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.
Back in July 2017, Paul and his wife, Anita welcomed a set of adorable twins. Paul Okoye announced the good news today, Sunday, July 9, 2017, on his Instagram account. “God!! Na me be dis!!?…#twins #papaejima #babaibeji #babayanbiu #doubledouble  what else can I say  God we thank you now the house is complete full house soon   let me come and be going to #church” he wrote.
The new set of twins in the Okoye family were delivered in Atlanta, USA.

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