We’re too casual with governance in Nigeria

Legal luminary and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Chief Femi Falana, has berated the political class, saying they are too casual with governance.

The fiery lawyer also said that as things stand now in the country, a lot of Nigerians are currently dissatisfied with the level of impunity going on in the country, particularly the youths.

Falana said this on Friday morning in an interview monitored from a national television, in Lagos.

According to Falana, “We are too casual with governance in this country. The government of the day is not serious, with due respect, with addressing the various challenges confronting the country.

“A lot of Nigerians are totally dissatisfied with the level of governance in the country particularly the youths.

“It is clear now that the mainstream political parties are nt going to solve the problems confronting the country.”

Falana was actually responding to the menace of herdsmen in the country. He maintained that Nigeria could take a cue from Botswana where trackers are placed in every cattle in that country to monitor their movements.

Falana also took a swipe at successive governments in the country which had failed to address the issue of herdsmen, farmers clashes in the past. He said had past administrations put relevant institutions in place, there would not even be any need for anti-open grazing law in the first place.

Speaking on the political future of the country, Falana said “Nigerians are not going to vote for people that will make promises. The change we need is change for fundamental solutions to the problems.”

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