Hate or Rate Mr Eazi shoe combo

It’s a shame that the word fashion is so misused and misinterpreted or misrepresented in this 21sth century than ever, the average being will try to look eye appealing to the audience why others take the so called fashion into another level entirely, starting from the modest to outlandish and those one that pass the weirdest message.

The girl’s favorite Mr eazi took fashion to a new wavy level by wearing two different shoes from different makers not minding the  color alteration, I could remember an event like this cause an uproar when Olamide baddo wore bathroom slippers to an event in 2013, anyways they’ve got the money but they still choose to do things this way, I think they do this for publicity.

Hate or rate, drop your opinion via the comment box.

Here is the tweet DJ JIMMY JATT posted unveiling Mr eazi and his new outfit.

here are comments from fans on the tweet.