Nigeria decide: EndSARS or SupportSARS!!!

Many peaceful rally took place across the country yesterday 11/12/2017 to call the government attention to the SAR’s misconduct , I had an eye witness of the protest which took place in Ibadan at the front of the University of Ibadan which I was impressed, But on getting to twitter this morning I noticed another hash tag trending at the #4 which is countering the #EndSARS and says #SupportSARS, many twitter users sees this as the government acts  by turning thus to a political game.

Nigerians this is the time to make our voice heard, enough of the brutality, menace, killing and extortion and other similar unethical acts displayed by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS, keep the tweet and hashtag  soaring , #EndSARS.

Here are couple of tweets from people voicing their displeasure.

Kindly share your opinion and lets know what you think about this, #EndSARS or #SupportSARS which one do you stand with ?