Effects Of Harmattan Season On Mankind

Harmattan seasonEffects Of Harmattan Season On Mankind usually comes with dryness and dust because there is little amount of water in the atmosphere.

Harmattan is a season in the West African subcontinent, which occurs between the end of November and the middle of March.

The north-east trade wind which is characterized by dry and dusty blows from the Sahara Desert over West Africa and bring harmattan.

Despite the negative effects of the harmattan on us, there some positive effects that human beings enjoyed domestically during the season.

Food preservation

Harmattan helps our foods to stay longer without getting spoilt even if its not refrigerated or warmed.

It Aids laundry

During harmattan season our clothes dry up very quickly after washing them.

It reduce mosquitoes spread

Harmattan helps in averting mosquito bites, it reduced the spread of mosquitoes.

It reduces excessive sweat

During this season , we do not sweat much, the sun will be up and the weather would be dry and harsh but we don’t sweat.

It reduces our restrooms odors.

During harmattan season, our toilet and bathroom are always dry and free from odors especially in areas where you find pit lavatories, public fast food joints restrooms, church restrooms etc.

It reduces potholes and keep gutter dry

Harmattan helps our gutter to stay dry and reduce potholes on our street as there will no be stagnant water.

Helping by drying foodstuff

Harmattan is a good weather for drying our foodstuffs, likes melon (egwusi), Ogbonna, garri, achicha, coca beans and so many other kinds of grain crops.

Harmattan is the best season for people who use firewood either for cooking at home or for those who use them for business eg for frying garri, for baking local bread, smoking of fishes etc.

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