No more free Education in Nigeria 

Is there anything like free education in Nigeria anymore? With the current current hikes in tuition fees of all the major Universities across the nation it’s a pure show of non-chalant attitude displayed by government towards the masses, the so called federal universities increases their tuition fees too and still the government did nothing about it, the likes of oyo state government charges #3, 000 for its state government levy now student looking for admission into Junior Secondary School (JSS) will have to pay above #15, 000 to get admitted into JSS-1, the government of the day don’t care a bit about the masses, I mean how would the common man cope with all these? How would families who finds it impossible to have 3 square meal cough out #15, 000 for admission process alone, how about other things like feeding the children? The government failed to look into this cause they are the one who made the polices to inconvenience the common men in the society, if the government can’t help her citizens then who else can fight the government on the citizens’ behalf? Do we still call this free education or a subsidized education of some sorts?

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