See danger of using ‘Ijabe’ to mash ‘Ewedu’ soup- Medical expert warns.

Ewedu soup (Mallow-leaves) is generally arranged by Yoruba individuals. Amid its planning, a little group of broomsticks, known as Ijabe, is typically used to pound the Ewedu (mallow-leaves) after it has been boiled.

Mallow-leaves is called Rama Ayoyo in Hausa dialect and Kerenkere among Igbo tribes

In any case, therapeutic specialists have said that the old practice is really full of perils.

Dr. Adegboyega Akere of the Department of Medicine, University College Hospital, Ibadan, on Wednesday, exhorted ladies and food providers to stop from the training.

Akere, a Consultant Gastroenterologist, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Ibadan that nourishment handlers ought to dependably utilize a blender to mix Ewedu and each other fixing utilized as a part of cooking it.

“They ought not utilize broom to pound the vegetable,” he said.

Akere said this is on account of Ewedu soup that is pounded with broomsticks could even now hold fragments of the broom in it.

He said that when eaten, the chips from the broomsticks could get caught inside the throat or the digestive system.

Akere uncovered that somebody who had eaten the soup containing a little bit of broomstick was hurried to the UCH as of late.

“The broomstick settled in her digestive tract and did not process. This brought about the irritation of the digestive tract.

“Two days after, the patient grumbled of extreme stomach torments and a CT-Scan uncovered that a broomstick was holding up inside her digestive system.

“A surgical operation was done and in under 24 hours, the patient was on her feet moving about.

“This clarion call is vital in light of the fact that Ewedu soup is the nearby soup of individuals in this part of Nigeria.

“Local people lean toward it to some other soup; hence, I will encourage them to either mix or granulate it on the stone before cooking,” he said.

Akere likewise cautioned that when somebody ingests bizarre items, they could create gastroenterology-related illnesses.

“Moms should likewise be watchful while setting up this soup, as it is the most widely recognized among local people in weaning their infants,” he cautioned.

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