Sri Lanka exprsses interest in tea production with Nigeria.

Sri Lanka has expressed interest in partnering with Nigeria in tea production to support the the country’s agricultural development in line with the Federal Government’s economic diversification plan.

Sri Lanka High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Thambirajah Raveenthiran, said this at the Global Ceylon Tea Party to mark the 150th anniversary of tea in Sri Lanka.

Raveenthiran said that Sri Lanka was famous for its “tea estates” and was an industry that supported almost 10 per cent of its population.

He added that the country produced teas in different regions with “distinctly different characteristics enhanced by specialised processes of manufacturing”.

The envoy expressed his country’s willingness to share its expertise with Nigeria.

“Nigeria has its tradition of tea production dating back in the 1950s.

“The country imports around five million kilogrammes of tea annually; this is not a significant volume for a population of 182 million people.

“Sri Lanka invites the beverage industry in Nigeria to partner with Sri Lanka companies and grow the tea segm

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