Nigeria needs true federalism, not restructuring.

Former Minister of Petroleum, Don Etiebet, has said that what Nigeria needs to end the agitations is true federalism.

He stressed that restructuring alone will not solve the problems.

He stated this yesterday while addressing newsmen in Lagos.

According to him, the report of the National Conference contained all the ingredients, and if adopted, will keep Nigeria strong, united, indivisible and devoid of incessant rancour between the various ethnic groups in the country.

He said: “Restructuring is not equal to true federalism. What Nigeria needs is true federalism, with all it comes with, including fiscal federalism.

“The resolutions of the last National Conference captured all the ingredients, and if adopted will keep Nigeria strong, united, indivisible, devoid of incessant rancour between groups and fear of domination.

“I think the country should be very grateful to the All Progressives Congress, APC’s Governors Forum which has come out to support this position strongly on the current challenges to Nigeria’s unity.

“We should all applaud them, cease all altercations forthwith and work from there. With 24 out of 36, and they are all APC governors, coming out with this position, the Constitution is amended.

“What is remaining now is to sit down and work out the details.

“At the same time, we must continue to pursue the fight against corruption more intensely and vigorously while ways to contain corruption very drastically must be part of the Constitutional amendments for the true federalism.

“There must be an atmosphere of fear to prevent corruption and enthrone the rule of law without fear or favour.”

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