Why we are yet to conqure Boko Haram

So far the war against Boko haram has been a lose one i must say, apart from the fact that the money appropriated for the procurement of arms was mismanaged and our soldiers were left with no good weapons to fight the war, I do blame the government and will always blame them for their short comings and the lack of common sense to tackle the religious sect called boko harm. The government and the Nigerian soldiers do not have the technical know-how to face boko haram, back in 2009 when the group started bombing churches and killing people every now and then the government didn’t do any tangible thing rather than trying to negotiate deals with them like they did with Niger Delta militants not knowing the Niger Delta millitants are not on the same scale with the boko haram.

We are so much of the believe that we  arguably have  the strongest land soldiers so we called ourself the giant of Africa not knowing our soldiers are only skilled in combating , humiliating and dehumanizing the normal citizen by mistreating and calling them bloody civilian. The government announced the procurement of new satellite promising it would be used to trace the boko haram activities in the sambisa forest but we the masses don’t know if the space satelite was throughly purchased or they embezzled the money as usual, and am not even sure why the government has to announce such news publicly, maybe to give boko haram hints so they can get ready, I mean such news should be after the group has been conquered. The goverment keep on feeding the boko haram the necessary news giving them their directions so the group finds it easy to strike in the opposite direction of the governments movement. The goverment endangered the soldiers’ life while many even died on the battle fied. Technology has made things easier, United States bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 with atomic bomb and the Japanese surrendered immediately, the united states didn’t use the land soldiers, this would wasted so many lives of their soldiers, but on the contrary the Nigerian goverment didn’t care about our soldiers’ life so they sent them into sambisa forest with old guns ans faulty guns to face the well equipped boko haram, technology could be used to counter the group easily if the so called satelite was truly purchased, on the economic side satellites are very costly, the goverment should used drones instead by flying the drones into the sambisa forest to survey the whole hid out, about 50 drones is enough which doesn’t cost a fortune, that way boko haram hideout would be known and hot air balloon bombs will be gifted to them in countless numbers turning the whole place to a desert where no living thing can possible hide, in cases like this physical strength shouldn’t be put into consideration cause there will be lost of life in such method

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