Ladies It’s Time to Make Money With Your Social Network Accounts

Hey ladies here is a good news for you on how you can turn your social network account to money making machine, you heard me “money making machine and social media money system” I won’t bore you with lengthy story here, so let’s go to the point and I will show you step by step how you can really make money with your social network account such as facebook, snapchat, LinkedIn and instagram.

There is no point in being a slay queen posting pictures endlessly on facebook when you earns no penny from do so, some slay queens even go the extend of posting pictures that exposes sensitive part of their body for no penny, they don’t get me wrong am not saying you should post nudes in exchange for money, all am saying is you ladies can actually earn money from running your social network accounts by doing nothing special than you’ve been doing before just that you don’t have to post much pictures of yourself like before. Bored with my stories already? Let’s get started.

Ever heard of affiliate marketing? Anyway it’s a form of marketing other people’s products while you earn commission by doing so. Sounds stressful? Well no it doesn’t, you don’t have to hawk the products on the streets, all you need to do is upload the products that are in high demand not your pictures this time around, those interested in the products will place an order, by paying of course, then you forward the order to the store owner, that way the person who placed the order gets what he or she wants and you make your profit in no time.

It’s as easy as ABC, screenshot pictures of cool products, crop it to its original size, upload it to your social network accounts with a price tag, yes a ”price tag” and this is where you do the lil business-man-like scope. winks, if the products is #5,000 on the shop owner’s page then you make it somewhere around #5,500 or at most #6,000 don’t overdo it, the truth is there are many people selling the same products you are promoting, and if yours is very pricey compared to other sellers you will end up selling nothing at the end of the day and the implication is you will earn nothing in return.

With all that been said, you will have to put some things in place before you jump into this easy business, and some of the things you have to put in place are;

  1. Brand/shop name: I do see some funny names on facebook like wf kingray yetiqueen, instantaneous slay queen e.t.c. I will advise you to use a cool name, a name people will remember easily, a professional name, a name that depict what you are into, it won’t be cool to use names such as baby jay as your twitter /insagram handle and you name your online store baby jay store when it’s not as if you want to sell iced beers and other alcoholic drink, so be professional and creative and also note that you should not use the same name the store owner uses.
  2. Branding: when I say branding this has to do with logo, banner and the likes, it will be very unprofessional to use your image as your store DP {display picture} cause others might not even like your appearance and others might just dislike you due to so many reasons, so it is advisable to use a cool logo, hey don’t try using popular brands logo such as Gucci, adidas and the likes , it won’t speak well of you to use a logo that contradicts your store name. What am saying is get your own logo from a graphic designer and get facebook header banner for your facebook page, twitter page and LinkedIn page if you will use LinkedIn too.
  3. Brands Identities: make sure your facebook page name, twitter handle, instagram handle and LinkedIn page all correspond, if you decide to use mamaJ as your facebook page name please don’t use wf slay queen on instagram, make sure all your identities corresponds by doing so , people will have more  trust in your service and brand.
  4. Sources: This is very important to your success at this business, try as much as possible to get stores that sells good products within Nigeria and message them asking them if you could promote their products from your social network accounts, most cases the answer would be yes but the purpose of sending them message is to know their delivery fee, discount for sellers like you and to also keep you updated about goods in store and those that are out of stock, you need this so as not let people placed order and later refund them cause you are unable to get the particular products for the store owner, so make sure a product in question is available in the  owner’s shop before you let your buyers place their order, it’s very important.
  5. Disclaimer: make sure it is written on your page{s}/ handles profile that buyers should contact you before placing their orders, by doing so you will save yourself some real trouble such as nasty comments and other similar vices cause people could be funny a times.

Yeah that’s just it, but if you have question on how to get started or where to get what you need  to get started such as logo, banner, brand name and facebook page you can drop a comment and we will get back to you shortly. So slay queens please do less of your pictures and do more of what is profitable, wish you success and good luck, don’t forget to like our facebook page , twitter page and also share this post so those that needs it would benefit from it.

Next time we will share with you ways you can make money with your mobile phone doing nothing special than what you’ve been doing all this years