America’s Got Talent reduced to tears as plane crash survivor Kechi sings like an angel

Plane crash survivor reduces audience to tears with inspiring America’s Got Talent performance of Thinkin’ Out Loud.

Last week’s America’s Got Talent episode saw viewers moved to tears by deaf singer Mandy Harvey – but now fans of the show are to be treated to another heart-warming act appearing this week.

Nigerian native Kechi was one of only two survivors involved a plane crash in 2005 that killed 107 people in her home country.

When she told the judges of her amazing story, even Simon looked taken aback with disbelief, before asking her: ‘How do you deal with something like that, Kechi?’

The young singer told Simon: ‘Lying in the hospital bed, bandaged head to foot and not able to move or do anything, else, music way my escape and that’s why music means so much,’ to whoops and cheers and from the audience.

Simon, gobsmacked, said ‘Wow’. but with a smile on his face, Simon said: ‘We can’t wait to hear you sing.’

And that wait, it seems, was more than worth it. Kechi proceeded to deliver a heart warming performance of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, which instantly reduced supermodel Heidi Klum to tears.