Hello guys, I will be introducing VINDERE LIFE FOUNDATION to you right now as a business you can invest into and make real cash with traveling opportunities  and the good thing about it is that you don’t have to hawk products or dedicate all your time to it, meaning you can do it on part time bases , the business is considerably new and its making wave in Nigeria at the moment with it’s proposed first CAR Award coming up on 24th June 2017 .

I don’t like long stories because am not a story teller, but from my belive which i think every body would reason along with is that the best way to convince people to partake in a business, especially online business is to show them proof, here are pictures of incentives given out during the first award that came up on  December 3rd 2016.

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Right at the moment members of VINDERELIFE are eagerly waiting for the next award coming up on 24th June 2017 and they are geting A BRAND NEW CAR this time around, yes! you heard me A BRAND NEW CAR!!!. My advice for you is to check the compensation plan below, Register and join the moving train and guess what? we might both fly out to DUBAI before this year runs out.




Referral Dividend = N1,000($4) + N1,000 ($4) =N2,000 ($8){ You can refer as many as you can and earn on each referral}.
Matrix Bonus = N2, 000 ($8)
Total Step out Package = $8 (N2, 000) + $8 (N2, 000) = N4, 000 ($16) OR $24 (N6,000) + $8 (N2, 000) = N8,000 ($32) Circle Out to Next Designation.


Step in Dividend = N2,500 ($10)
Step in Dividend = N2,500 ($10) x 14 = N35,000 ($140)
Matrix Bonus = N25,000 ($100)
Total Step out Package = N35,000 ($140) + N25,000 ($100) = N60,000 ($240)
Award : Smart Phone / Sewing Machine, Rechargeable Fan etc.


Step In Dividend = N5,000 ($20)
Total step in Dividend = N5,000 ($20) x 14 = N70,000 ($280)
Matrix Bonus N50,000 ($200).
Total Step out Package = N70,000 ($280) + N50,000 ($200) = N120,000 ($480)
Award : Smart Desktop or Laptop, Washing Machine, Generator, Air-conditioner, Flat screen Television, Projector, etc.


Step In Dividend = N5,000 ($20)
Total step in Dividend = N5,000 ($20) x 14 = N70,000 ($280)
Matrix Bonus N500,000 ($2,000).
Total Step out Package = N70,000 ($280) + N500,000 ($2,000) = N570,000 ($2,280)
Award : Recent Model Hyundai Sonata or One Plot of Land worth equivalent => N4,000,000 ($16,000)



Step In Dividend = N5,000 ($20)
Total step in Dividend = N5,000 ($20) x 14 = N70,000 ($280)
Matrix Bonus N750,000 ($3,000).
Total Step out Package = N70,000 ($280) + N750,000 ($3,000) = N820,000 ($3,280)
Award : You get one brand recent model Lexus RX 350 SUV or Hyundai Santa fe SUV worth N6,000,000 Car Maintenance $1,000 (200,000)

Hey!  the earlier the better! sorry, the earlier the best!! waste no more time, VINDERELIFE is the next big thing in town, I will advice you to join now so you can invite others for the car award and you know what ? those you invite will join at the event cause it will be super fantastic, it will be a BOOM it will be in the news all over Nigeria, take a step today and you will thank me for this.


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