Why Nigeria’s security challenges are increasing.

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, has attributed the rising spate of security challenges in Nigeria to poor investments in the development of moral values.

Ogunwusi made the remark while addressing the media on the sidelines of the National Security Summit, held at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.

According to him, if spotlight was beamed on those critical issues of moral development in Nigeria, all the security challenges the country was facing will reduce.

He said: “Nigeria needs to pay particular attention to investing in morals – very strong moral values. We should invest more in equity and the strength of our diversity.

“If we should focus more on those critical issues in our dear country, all the security challenges we are having will not be this much.

“We should ask ourselves these questions: Why are people grieved? Why are people frustrated? Why are they going out of the confines of the law to engage in some certain things? Are we all just and fair in our daily dealings across board as a country? Are we thinking about why the other parties are grieved?

“We should know that our diversity is our greatest strength.

“These are critical issues that we should all look at in this country. If we focus more on all these fundamental issues, we will not have all the issues we are having right now.

“Security matters are very sensitive. We all know that but how are we investing and impacting moral values, even in our domestic homes; in our children; in our domestic workers; in our place of work; in each and every one we have dealings with.

“How well are we impacting moral, because whatever position you are at some point you will leave? How well are you selfless in your approach?

“All these bits and pieces always add up to the entire reasoning, ways and manner that the society will be formed. Over all, how a country will be developed.

“Look at our country, over 70% are the youths. If you look at the category of criminality in this country, you will rarely find anybody above 70 years old. They are within the age of 18 and about 45 and 50.

“Why are they engaging in all these nefarious activities? How well are we discharging our responsibilities very well? How well are we giving back to the society? We should ask ourselves all these questions so that these problems will not keep piling up one after the other.

“Security issues across this country depend on you and I.”

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