Anthony Joshua is a Nigerian, need a proof then watch him speaks Yoruba

It’s crazy how blacks are treated this days in the US and UK,  every single black man who committed crime would be linked to Africa especially Nigeria, Their believe is that Africa is devil’s continent, a God forsaken continent so they strongly believe nothing good could come out of Africa especially Nigeria, we watch them come and hijack our talented ones and Nationalize them saying they don’t belong here in Africa, so is the case of Joshua Anthony who had a  stunning victory over Wladimir Klitschko Saturday night caused quite a stir in the footballing world with so many praises and complements some even nick name him the NEW KING comparing him to Mike Tyson “THE FURY” but the jocular thing about the whole issue is that the UK are claiming him now saying he is not a Nigerian, this has caused so many uproar and arguments but thank God Anthony Joshua has addressed the issue and has claimed Nigeria over UK,  anyways  Anthony Joshua is a Nigerian and has helped us revenged what Vladmir Klitschko did to our very best Samuel Peter Okon 10/9/2013  in Lagos….lol.. Next time you beat a Nigerian boxer be ready another is coming to pounce on you.




  • Anthony Michael

    The UK fey craze….. Anthony Joshua Na my junior and we are Nigerians…
    Case closed.