Federal Government sued for $5m over rescued Chibok girls.

Human rights activist Ogebe’s case came up for hearing at an Abuja High Court on Wednesday, April 12 – He is suing the federal government for defaming him by claiming he used the rescued Chibok girls taken abroad by his organisation to raise money rather than put them in school .                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ogebe’s lawyer David said his client was shocked at the actions of the federal government Emmanuel Ogebe, a United States-based international human rights activist, has sued the federal government of Nigeria for $5million over comments made about the rescued Chibok girls.                                                                                                                 New Telegraph reports that Ogebe filed the defamation suit in reaction to a claim by the federal government that the 10 Chibok girls taken abroad by his organisation were allegedly being used to raise money rather than being put in schools. A statement by Ogebe’s lawyer David Ogebe                                                                                                                  “Mr. Emmanuel, who is a globally recognized Human Rights Lawyer based in the United States of America as well as a known humanitarian was repeatedly and viciously defamed by officials of the government after numerous failed attempts to intimidate and harass him for his work on behalf of victims of crises in Nigeria.                                          Nigerian Government sued over rescued Chibok girls Vice president Yemi Osinbajo (centre) meeting with some of the 21 Chibok girls released by Boko Haram insurgents recently . “It is quite unusual for a government to tarnish the image of its citizen but to do so for an illustrious son abroad shows the extreme irresponsibility of a government who should rather be championing the image of Nigeria abroad. “This action arises out of Mr. Ogebe’s charitable efforts to sponsor 12 Nigerian victims to school in the U.S including 10 Chibok girls. These girls are among the 3,000 Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) that Mr. Ogebe and other humanitarian organisations have sponsored to school. “While in other civil society, Mr. Ogebe will be applauded for his work. In Nigeria, his own government has engaged in outright lies and sabotage.

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