Massacre: Soldiers kill, destroy and burn houses in Agatu.

The Agatu attacks and massacres by the nigerian soldiers that occurred in Agatu, Benue State, that began on the 10th of February 2017 and still ongoing as at the time of writting the article came into existence as a result of soldier who was said to be killed by the Agatu people, this led to the mass killing of the Agatu who recently and still suffer been murdered by the fulani herdsmen and the goverment did nothing to help them or to even restor peace , the so called soldiers who never helped them while the fulani herdsmen wreck havoc on them now start killing and burning thier houses.

If soldiers are allowed to treath people anyhow to the extend of killing them then I would say they the soldiers are above the law, and the government do nothing to help the situation, over 50 people have been killed within 3 days because a soldier died, these are the same soldiers who couldn’t face boko haram or the millitant.

There is nothin like constitution in Nigeria, the constitution is only for the poor and not for the rich, democracy has been a failure in nigeria right from time.

4 residential area has been burnt down so far, the Government should arrest and jailed the soldiers involved in such act, if a soldier is killed then the case should be properly investigated so the offenders could face the law, there should be limit soldiers power for heaven sake they are meant to protect the citizen and not to harm them.