Scores of residents flee Gambia hours to ECOWAS ultimatum to Jammeh

As foreign troops under the ‘Operation Rescue Democracy’ close in on Yahya Jammeh of Gambia giving him till noon on Friday, January 20 to vacate his seat, reports say many citizens of the country have continued to flee.

Foreigners are also said to be leaving Gambia in droves as it was learnt that about 7,000 soldiers are set for the order to get him out for the Adama Barrow who was sworn-in as the country’s president on Thursday, January 19.

The United Nations (UN) confirmed on Friday that over 45,000 people had fled the tensed country will Jammeh remains adamant.

The UN refugee agency said: “Around 45,000 people are now reported to have arrived in Senegal from The Gambia.”

It also states that about 800 people have crossed from the country into Guinea-Bissau.

Tuth Maclean, an online source, revealed that Jammeh’s family, including his two wives were still with him even as the troops advance on him.

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