Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has condemned the suicide bomb attack on a mosque at the University of Maiduguri on Monday, describing it dangerous development.

Atiku said in a statement released by his media office in Abuja on Monday that the attack was not just about a bomb exploding in a mosque but an attack on education in the North-East.

He said that lack of education was one of the most alarming threats to security in the North-East, pointing out that most terrorists were people who never had the chance or ability to read the Koran for themselves.

According to him, it is for this reason that they cannot interpret the tenets of Islam beyond the false teachings of their terrorist commanders.

“A sound education will provide our youth with the ability to analyse and make informed decisions.

“It is an opportunity that many young people in the North-East of Nigeria do not have at present, making it easy for false teachers to control them,” the former vice president said.

He stated that the attack at the university mosque was particularly worrisome, having come at a time when the terrorist group was clearly degraded.

“We cannot afford to be complacent now or in the future,” he cautioned.

He condoled with the families of the deceased, students and staff of the university over the loss of lives and prayed for quick recovery of the injured.

The twin-bomb attack occurred during the early morning prayers at the university’s mosque on Monday.

Official from the National Emergency Management Agency and their Borno counterpart confirmed the death of a professor in the institution, a child and two bombers in the attack.

Seventeen persons reported to have been injured in the incident were currently receiving treatment in hospitals in Maiduguri.

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