Human puppies pretty mike should be purnish


Nigeria the giant of Africa is country where anything is acceptable, you can do and undo so far you are rich all it takes is just a bribe, Once you are able to bribe then your bad deeds would be painted in bright array and it would be ssen as good deeds, reserve is the case when you refuse to bribe then your good deeds are bad naturally.

With all that been said I would like to lay ,more emphasis on Mike Nwogu, aka Pretty Mike, they guy who chained laddies and use them as security guards such as that of dogs, this happen right here in Nigeria, at mega city of Lagos, He (PRETTY MIKE) said his reason for chaining the two laddies is to empower women, my question is how is he empowering women by chaining them?

I read through series of tweets about the issue and I can see people are missing the point, the level the youths are reasoning and responding shows how terrible Nigeria would be in years to come, some blamed the chained girls by saying girls can do anything for money but I will like to correct that right here, guys can do anything for money too if it is not true then why do guys go into cyber crime/scam? {yahoo yahoo} why do guys rob? why do they do ritual? so saying girls can do anything because of money is totally out of point and that doesn’t bring any solution to the issue on ground, so this so called pretty mike chained girls and walk around using them for security like they were dogs and all the police could do was to arrest him to sign a paper that he won’t repeat such? come one that is no judgement, what is the difference between this guy called pretty mike and boko haram who forcefully abducted chibok gilrs and do all sort of things to them turning them into mothers with babies? Women are been molested every day in Nigeria and the government do nothing to make sure such offenders and severly purnished to sounds warning to those who indulge in such acts. here is another offender called pretty mike who chained ladies and say he is empowering them, it’s high time we speak against this unethical behaviour, purnidh pretty mike, let him know he can’t do whatever he likes and go scout free, let him know we have a constitution. let him pay dearly for what he did and such things would reduce in the society.

Drop a comment, let people know we Nigerians are against such acts, he (pretty mike ) is a co-owner of a club named Club Uno, formerly Q Club on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, if  you do patronize his club please restrain from patronizing the club to show him we are seriously against such acts,Pretty Mike studied Computer Engineering,He is from a family of 9 – 7 boys and 2 girls,  Mike Eze Nwalie Nwogu a.k.a pretty mike spent most of his life in Huston Texas, I am very sure he can never empower women by chaining them in the US now he is here empowering girls by chaining them and the government are silent on this, it’s very unfortunate that we have to face such things everyday and the goverment would not take any action on it, even the so called lawyers too are quiet about it and it sgouldn’t be.

With all that been said here are tweets about the uproar.

Thanks for reading through.

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