Nigerian Brewery Annual Promotion (Exhibition) Is Causing More Harm than Good to the Society

The Nigerian Brewery annual promotion popularly known as Exhibition in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria has become danger to the society and a threat to live of the people residing within the neighboring community such as Bodija ,Agbowo, Orogun e.t.c

This so called exhibition held annually has turn to something else that needs to be addressed by the government, I don’t know if we have an active constitution in Nigeria as a country which is said to be the giant of Africa, If we do have a constitution then my question is how are the so called Law Enforcement Agent Implementing this constitution? Are they violating any law in implementing the constitution? If they do (of which they always do) who should look into that? the government? Human Right Activist? Or the masses?

The situation that led to crisis yesterday(24/11/2016) at the exhibition ground was a young man who was maltreated by four soldiers, Of course I don’t know the full story as at the time of the action but all I know is the young man wasn’t caught with fire arm nor was he seen committing any serious crime than engaging in a fight with a fellow man, a situation in which the law enforcement agent can handle easily by bundling the two fighters out of the promotion ground but it is unfortunate that the soldiers started beating these guys , hitting them with gun stock till one of the fighter lost an eye, now  tell me does their action bring peace to the society? Similar occurrences repeats itself every year for the past 4 years, even under age children are allowed into the exhibition ground which is not appropriate. The government are aware of this but did nothing to stop such unfortunate things from happening, the loud music they play every time is so deafening that even if thief rob in the neighboring community no noise would be heard no matter how loud your voice can be, so tell me in what way is the exhibition helping the community? What positive effect does it have on the community? Is there any law be it written or unwritten concerning noise pollution in Nigeria? If yes then that is the first law they are violating, the second thing is the so called exhibition create avenue for robbers in the sense that they can carry out the ill acts while the exhibition is going on because no one would be able to hear any alarm raised due to the deafening noise from the exhibition ground, Now can someone tell me who will take up the case of the guy who lost an eye yesterday? Justice must prevail, Personally I would rate the exhibition 17 out of 100, it is in no way helping/growing the community /Nigeria and even the world at large not until the government look into their activities and make sure they didn’t further violate any human rights and whenever they go out of hand by violating any law they must be penalized.

We must speak, we must let the government know of our displeasure in their leadership, equality before law, and being a soldier doesn’t make you a super human neither does it place you above the law.

Share this till it gets to the right set of People who will take up this case, God bless you as you do so.


Written by Legal citizen.

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