9ja Predict Fraudulent Act

Hey the guy who sent the last post about 9ja predict just updated us that he is not done yet, so he sent this, enjoy

“Now some might say am found of writing bad reviews about 9ja predict cause this is my second post about them, the first one was based on how i deposited into their account and i was unable to load my betting account on their platform, i was stucked and i tried to contact their customer support but funny enough there is nothing like that on their site, here is a link to the formal post http://hereinnigeria.com/2016/09/09/9ja-predict-shty-customer-support-service/ so let move on to the new shii that just happened last weekend, like my previous complaints i this text from 9ja predict img-20160913-wa0002-1 so from my own understanding i thought if i deposit #2,000 i do get #4,000 right? so i deposited #5,000 thinking i would get #10,000 into my betting account but i got #7,000 in my betting account, #5,000 in my bonus account is so useless that one can not use it to bet, had it been it was stated in text i recieved that T&C apply i would know that there are some hidden terms and condition after i deposit my hard earned money but it was not stated at all so i was not aware by any means.

To cut the long story short i placed my bet, i exhausted my m

ain account and want to fall on my bonus account but i was unable to use that, image i have #5,000 and all i was able to use was #5,00 when i selected some matches and i want to place my bet i will be told i have insufficient money or funds, i was even unable to use my #7,000 i have to remain #1, before i was able to place my bet, Fellow Nigerians 9ja predict are doing these things just because you and you have refused to talk so they thought we have no choice, Please let them know we are not in support of injustice and we embrace transparency, So how do we let them know? We can let them know by sharing this post #gbam! is that too hard to ask? i guess not, so please keep sharing this post on all social media till it get to those working at 9japredict so they can amend.”


Thanks for reading through, May God Bless you mightily.

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