9ja Predict sh**ty Customer Support Service.

What is is a good customer support service? Is it a quick response? quick response with a lasting solution to customer’s question? I don’t know what the perfect answer is but few minutes ago a reader shared forward his bad experience to me through e-mail begging me to post it online so every Nigerian could see it and avoid falling into this trap next time.

“My name is Solomon Julius from ibadan i got a message from 9ja predict yesterday telling me they are giving 100% bonus for deposit above 2k {Two thousand naira=#2,000} so i went to a nearby bank to deposit #5,000 hoping i will have #10, 000 in my betting account but things never work out, the promo runs from 8 a.m to 3 p.m so i deposited the money by 10 a.m so i tried to upload the teller details so i my account would be credited and i got an error message telling me  the teller number has already been used before…. holy shiit… i tried to contact them from the site you won’t believe it impossible to contact them, imagine that ? So all they want is customers money, they don’t give a damn if they get quality service or not, i searched for there customer care number on the internet and i saw about 6 six so i was happy my little problem would be solved with a call but you won’t believe they didn’t pick up for once, i tried all the 6 numbers 20 times each and no one picked up infarct they banged the call a times it so annoying, i once operated an account with them back in 2014 but i closed the account due to there crappy services and they once cancelled a winning ticket and refund my money telling me the matches are not registered, i don’t like painting bad images for organisation but 9japredict customer seervice is the poorest i ‘ve ever seen, now am stucked here don’t know what to do or who to call, even after paying into there account they don’t give me high priority meaning all they want is my money not me. too bad.”

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